With Summer Break inching closer, everyone is itching to go on vacation somewhere exciting and fun. With places like the beach, pools, and waterparks being crowded, sometimes it’s best to take the scenic route.

In Las Vegas the summer can be definitely on the warm side to put it lightly, so locals and tourists alike flock to our waterparks and hotel pools. One side of Las Vegas many people overlook is that of Lake Las Vegas. Nestled on the outskirts of South East Las Vegas, is a cute little oasis where you can do everything from dine to paddle board and even watch movies on the lake. This quaint village has plenty of unique options for lunch or dinner for couples and families alike. Lake Las Vegas has options from cute little French inspired cafes to cocktail lounges, bars and grills; it won’t be hard to find something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re more of a thrill seeker, then look no further than their water activities. During the hot Vegas Summer, you can cool off by paddle boarding, kayaking, or take a pedal boat across Lake Las Vegas. At night time they also have neon paddle boarding, making it just that much more exciting. One of the more thrilling activities that they have on the water is that of their flyboard and jetpack experiences that are sure to amaze. If you are looking for more of a relaxed time, look no further than their boat rentals or make a reservation on their luxury yacht and relax all your troubles away! Although it is hot here in Las Vegas, one thing you have to experience in the summer is Death Valley. Far below sea level, this dry and hot national park is one of the few that you are recommended to see during the hottest time of the year. As one of the largest National parks south of Alaska, it is referred to as a land of extremes. Although temperatures do rise to above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, it is definitely best to visit to say you truly saw Death Valley at its peak. Just make sure you have wear sunscreen and comfortable clothes on this full day tour as we make sure to pack plenty of water and a boxed lunch to help you battle the desert heat.

Phoenix also has warm summers that make people flock to the water and air conditioning. One of the places that people overlook for this area of Arizona is Tempe Town Lake. Here you can find something for everyone from lakeside yoga to rowing, dragon boating, and even sailing. Tempe Town Lake is a perfect place to kick back, relax and get some sun! For those who are more into fishing, they have that too. Just a little bit down the lake you can find plenty of delicious food options from local hang outs, chain restaurants, and gastro pubs truly offering something for all taste palettes. One of the more out of the box things you can do is sailing. Normally when you think of that particular activity you conatate it with the ocean which makes this lake even more special. Here in Arizona, one of our other favorite places is Verde Canyon and the historic town of Jerome that is nestled inside the canyon. To begin the day, your first stop is to the historic “living” ghost town of Jerome, home of the Jerome Grand Hotel that was featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. It’s an exciting adventure to explore the history that made it “the wickedest town in the West.” Once finished with the Jerome tour, the next stop is to the Copper Art Museum which showcases art and artifacts spanning from 3,500 BC to present day. During your time at this one of a kind art museum, guests will explore both functional and artistic uses of copper, it being the second oldest known metal on the planet! From there, you’ll head on over to the historic Verde Canyon Railroad. You’ll get a first class seat or open air viewing car on the Verde Canyon train to experience lush green foliage and beautiful streams that run alongside the bright red rocks creating an extraordinary contrast that is only found here in the American West. If you’re of age and in the mood for something unique to the area, grab a Prickly Pear Margarita on the train and sit back and relax, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any of the excellent wildlife viewing.

So with Summer right around the corner, start planning out your trips! With these ideas in mind, each day you’re on vacation you’ll be having fun in the sun.

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