Living in Arizona, I always get the question, “Have you been to the Grand Canyon?” and until a couple weeks ago, the answer was no. I was so excited to finally head up north and experience the amazing Grand Canyon from the ground and sky with Detours.

First Stop: Sedona

My day started early, meeting my guide Don at the Detours office to begin pickups for our tour. Once we picked everyone up we were on our way to our first stop in Sedona. Driving up to Northern Arizona is almost like being in a different state. The scenery changes from cactus to pines, and the temperatures drop. We stopped in Uptown Sedona just after 11 AM, giving the passengers a chance to see the beautiful Red Rocks and for Don to pick up the yummy lunches from Sedona Memories.

The Grand Canyon

After our brief time in Sedona, we were off to the Grand Canyon.  I took the Colors and Canyons helicopter tour, so myself and the other helicopter passengers were dropped right off at the airport. I had never been on a helicopter and didn’t really know what to expect, and I think the other passengers were all on the same page as me. Once in the air, we headed over what seemed like thousands of tall pine trees and headed straight for views of the North Rim. Right as we flew over the edge of the canyon, the views were breathtaking. The layers of different colors, the Colorado River beneath us and the overall size of the canyon was almost indescribable. After a 50 minute flight and tour of the entire canyon rim to rim, we headed back to the airport where Don was waiting for us. We drove to the South Rim Village to meet with the rest of the group and stopped by several amazing scenic spots along the canyon.

It was time to head back to Phoenix, but we first went through the Navajo Nation and stopped at a traditional trading post. The trading post had an art gallery, restaurant and store with authentic Navajo products. The store was full of hand painted canvases, crafted leather belts and prickly pear treats just to name a few. After a long and captivating day it was time to be on our way back to the valley. I am so happy I had such an amazing experience at the Grand Canyon and it was it was thanks to Detours.

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