With quiet hikes, beautiful lakes to soak in, and serene forests to steal kisses with your honey, national parks are the perfect getaway for lovers. Snuggle up with your valentine and read on about the most romantic national park love stories and points of interest that will warm your heart.

Matrimony Rock at Grand Canyon South Rim

Matrimony rock is one of the most romantic places to take that special someone. The heart-shaped rock embedded in the wall that borders the Grand Canyon South Rim near El Tovar has an incredible love story. Legend has it a young man placed the stone into the wall around 1934 when working in the area with the Civilian Conservation Corps. Either engaged to be married or recently married, this love-sick gent missed his amore and wanted to find a way to show his love for her by leaving a permanent reminder of their bond. What a sweetheart!

TIP | Ask your guide to show you this stone on your Grand Canyon Day tour from Phoenix or Las Vegas.



Fairyland Trail at Bryce Canyon National Park

Not all love stories are fairytales but when touring Bryce Canyon National Park, couples can get pretty close! Fairyland Point offers an eye-level view of the cantaloupe-colored hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Fairyland Loop Trail takes visitors on a whimsical journey with awe-inspiring scenery. It’s quite a strenuous hike due to elevation change and length – approximately 8 miles! But for avid nature lovers, Fairyland Point is dazzling place to connect with your sweetie – or perhaps, a place to pop the question?

TIP | Try a Bryce Canyon National Park day tour after tying the knot in Sin City!

Cupid Spring at Yellowstone National Park

Sometimes called Cupid Cave, Cupid Spring is a charming thermal spring at Mammoth Hot Spring at Yellowstone National Park. The cave was named in 1904 because of it’s beautiful geothermally heated groundwater – a perfect place to getaway with your love. The spring was active and breathtaking in the 1930s but has since been covered by spring deposit.

TIP | We recommend visiting Yellowstone with an expert guide to get the full National Park experience. Inquire now.

This photo of Mammoth Hot Springs is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Kissing Couple at Colorado National Monument

Colorado is home to four national parks, eight national monuments, nine national forests and one national recreation area. In fact, approximately half of the state of Colorado is public land. The Colorado National Monument is located near the city of Grand Junction and boasts dramatic canyons carved deep into sandstone. This area offers some of the best climbing in Colorado. If you and your sweetie are the adventurous type, a trip to see the Kissing Couple is worth the trip. The incredible rock formation stands 400 feet just uphill from the Independence Monument. The semi-detached but super romantic spire shapes look like a couple kissing. What’s not to love about that!

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Wildrose Peak at Death Valley

Roses are red, violets are blue, Wildrose Peak is a lovely place for two. Wildrose Peak is located on the western side of Death Valley National Park in the Panamint Mountain Range. This magnificent peak offers stunning views of the salt flats at Badwater Basin, a truly unique view of the lowest point in North America. Along the Wildrose Trail you will spot one of the most unusual sights as you tour Death Valley National Park: charcoal kilns. These beehive shaped structures are considered to be some of the best known surviving examples of historic architecture from the late 1870s. Our tour guides recommend this 8.4-mile round trip hike in the spring or early summer before the temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

TIP | Visit Wildrose Peak with an experienced tour guide and stay overnight to get an early start on your hiking adventure.

We hope these love stories and places of interest inspire you to take a trip to a National Park with your partner. DETOURS offers day and multi-day trips to anywhere in the American West – Go off the beaten path with us!

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